Pennant, 1781 - colour a fine blue, of a velvet appearance

In 1771, the second known image made while Blue Antelope's lived - the head of a Blaauwbock - appeared in Pennant’s book on Quadrupeds.

Pennant noted that the colour was a fine blue when alive, but when dead, this changed to a blueish-grey, with a mixture of white.

"I described it from a skin which I bought at Amsterdam, brought from the Cape of Good Hope. I was informed, that they are found far up the country, north of that vast promontory; which I find confirmed by the late journies. It is called by the Dutch the Blauwe Bock, or blue goat. This is the species which, from the form of the horns and length of the hair, seems to connect the Goat and Antelope race."

Pennant drawing