Habitats: historical ranges of the Blue Antelope

Early European naturalists and travellers described Blue Antelope from encountering them in a very small triangle of land in what is now Cape Province, between the early settlement of Swellendam and today's towns of Bredasdorp and Caledon.

Sparrman in 1772 reported a specimen preserved at Krakeel Rivier. Le Vaillant found them in "the valley of Soete Melk, the only canton which they inhabit", according to Renshaw, 1901. Sclater (1900) noted that Le Vaillant also saw them at Tiger-Hoek. According to Lichtenstein, the mountains near Buffalo-jagt River, between Swellendam and Algoa Bay, were one of the last refuges (Renshaw, 1901).

Sclater cites the same author as saying that on the Dweika, between Stellenbosch and Graaf Reinet, 1804, game was plentiful in inner valleys - and "even the Blau-bok (Antilope leucophaea), which is almost exterminated elsewhere, is said to occur occasionally".

Further work is planned on this section - a key reference is: Skead, C.J. (1980). Historical mammal incidence in the Cape Province. Cape Town. The Department of Nature and Environmental Conservation of the Provincial Administration of the Cape of Good Hope.