Events and presentations

Completed work

• Temporary exhibition: Blue Antelope - BioGeoGraphical work by Kate Foster, Hayden Lorimer and Merle Patchett

For further details, click on the image below:

Toothrow drawing

• Seminar: making animal afterlives

An interdisciplinary seminar brought together work by artists and geographers using zoological collections was held on November 22nd in Glasgow University. Seminar information is on the pdf below:

Afterlives Seminar Info
Making Animal Afterlives Seminar Information

• "Velocity": A presentation to Visual Arts Research Institute, University of Edinburgh by Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer. Click on the logo below for a pdf:

Velocity pdf
"Velocity" © Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer, (2006)

• "Animal as object": online publication by Merle Patchett, PhD student. Click on the logo below for a pdf:

Animal as Object
"Animal as Object" © Merle Patchett (2006)

• Poster to SPARTEN conference, University of Iceland, May 2006.

• "Ten Minute Talk": Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, June 2006.

Future work

• Participation in Visiting Artist Programme, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2007. The proposed task for Kate Foster is to make a Blue Antelope Compact Museum. To include drawings of European specimens and - through imagination - recontextualisation of these in its former range in the Cape of South Africa. This artist's initative is a response to the impossibility of seeing the animal itself in South Africa - either alive or as zoological specimens.